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What do the numbers actually mean?

The memomo language trainer is mostly based on the flashcard system as described by Sebastian Leitner. Every new word starts at level 1. During the study process the cards travel through the levels 1 through 6 according to the method described below. The table shows how many items are currently on each level and the total number of words in your box.

Deviating from a paper based flashcard system the next time a question will be asked does not depend on the number of words on each level. Instead the delay is determined by the time that has passed since it has been answered before, increasing the distance between two queries on higher levels. This is actually the basic concept behind spaced repetition, it is just very hard to do on paper cards without a computer and a database.

User Demouser - current state of your flashcards box

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 total
Items 10 25 22 16 43 12 128

A new words starts at level one. If the translation is correct, it moves on to level two.

Every time the word is translated correctly it moves up one level. The higher the level, the longer the delay before it will be asked again.

If the word reaches level six, it is considered as "successfully learned" and will not be repeated again..

If a minor mistake is made during translation (e.g. capitalization or an accent is incorrect), the word will remain at its current level.

If the translation is false, the word is moved back to level zero and has to pass all levels again.

The level zero does not exist in the usual flashcard systems. We introduced it to ensure that the correct answer is given at least once shortly after the word has been moved back to level zero. This level holds a maximum of two words and was added because without it most users almost immediately forgot the corrected answer given by the system in response to a false translation. The rotation in level zero ensures that the user makes an active effort to remember the correct translation.

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