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Help for creating a new user account

The name you will use to log into memomo. Can be freely chosen and does not have to have any relation to a real name. All your data (what you have already learned, the options you selected etc.) will be associated with this username. Legal characters for usernames are 'a-z' (lowercase letters), '_' (underscore) and . (dot). The username has to be unique, therefore it is possible that a username is already taken by another user. In this case please choose another name.
The password guarantees that only you will have access to your data. Due to the usernames being partly public (as soon as you post something on a board), it is important to choose a password that is not easy to guess. The password has to be at least five characters long.
We do not encrypt data send to or received by our webserver. Therefore it is technically possible to eavesdrop the connection and you should use a password which you do not use in connection with anything critical like your bank account.
Password confirmation
To avoid accidental typos the password has to be entered twice. If the two passwords differ, the system will ask again for them.
Email Address
Giving your email address is optional. We recommend that you do it so we can send you a new password in case you forgot yours. In case you want to receive the news (see below), you will obviously have to enter your email address too.
The email address will not be given to third parties. We also do not send you any unsolicited mail
Right now there is no regular newsletter. We just send out mails with news about new features and bug fixed.
last and first name
We will offer message boards on memomo, some of which will require you to post with your real name. Please note that these boards are not yet active and therefore you can add this information later.

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