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Learning at all

These "tips for better learning" try to offer suggestions if you have problems with learning. If you are convinced that you have problems with learning here you can find some suggestions on how to solve them.
If you make a plan for learning better try to divide the plan into small parts.
A realistic plan can help a lot. Realistic means clear and easy to survey.
Find out your own concentration limit
Every person has his/her own breaking-point. If you can measure yourself well you can achieve more with less energy.
Reward yourself, but not too much.
Work and reward should be in direct correlation.
Long-term learning
Learning is a continuous process and you should view it as such. A person who wants to learn should substitute the short and intensive phases of learning for not so stressful and temporarily limited phases.
Utilizing these techniques (learning without stress and temporarily limited learning) it´s possible to be successful in learning and reach aims which have lasting effect.
To reevaluate your own demands
If you want to reach aims, you have to define aims.
Motivate yourself (e.g. phantasy journeys), motivation from outside
If you don't have enough of a sense of duty, you'll need to find motivation from somewhere else. If you don´t have much motivation, you'll have to find it.
Outfox yourself
If reason doesn´t work, outfox yourself.
Working in groups
If you work in groups you´ll have less problems than working on your own.
Don't do it
Sometimes it´s better not to force the learning, as this is counterproductive.

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