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If you want to open a new user account, you have to choose at least a username and a password and log it in with the "log in" button. Before you do this you should read the (short) info aboutprivacy and data use or at least the (even shorter) summary :

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non-binding short version of data use and privacy policy

  • Some of the data we store will be requested by us and some of it data will be generated automatically during your learning session.
  • We use the data to identify individual users, to analyze their learning process and the use of the web site and generate profiles for them.
  • Personal data won't be given to third parties, anonymous profiles possibly will be. (e.g. how long has the user been in the system during a learning session, how often does he learn with memomo)
  • If you give us your exact data you will have some advantages and also some disadvantages, but the advantages overweight the disadvantages. Exact data allows for a better adaptation of the learning process, but reduces the anonymity.

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